Defense Min.: Israeli Run Over by Palestinian Truck Is Victim of Hostile Act

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Avraham Hasno just moments before he was killed in October 2015.
Avraham Hasno just moments before he was killed in October 2015.Credit: No credit

The Defense Ministry announced Monday that it has decided to recognize Avraham (Asher) Hasno as a victim of a hostile act. Hasno was run over and killed near the Al-Fawar refugee camp south of Hebron, about two weeks ago.

At first, stones were thrown at Hasno's car. He crossed over the road, holding a club, and then was hit by a truck with a Palestinian license plate.

A day after the incident a security source said that this seemed to be an accident rather than a planned terror attack. The source said that the truck driver turned himself in to the Palestinian police in the nearby town of Dahariya, and reported that he had hit Hasno, 54, by mistake after stones were thrown at his truck, too. He claimed that he was nervous and fled the site because he feared for his life. The driver has now has been detained by the Palestinian Authority.

In contrast to the view of the security source, an Israel Defense Forces officer who serves in the Hebron sector describes Hasno’s death as a terror attack. “The victim was run over and killed – face to face,” he said. “Is that from nervousness or did he want to kill? That will be decided by the Shin Bet.”

While the truck driver has not yet been questioned by the Shin Bet and the organization has yet to complete its investigation, the Defense Ministry announced that it has decided to recognize Hasno as a victim of a hostile act and to compensate his family financially and otherwise, as it does in the cases of other bereaved families.

A day after her husband was killed, Ruti Hasno told Army Radio that she was convinced that the act was deliberate, claiming that the same driver had already tried to harm herself and her husband, the day before the incident. “When I saw that it was that Mercedes, and the blurry picture of the driver – I realized what happened to us a day earlier,” she said, adding that on that earlier day, she and her husband were driving in the area when two trucks “tried to crush us.” The couple managed to stop one of the drivers, but “the second truck fled – and that’s the truck that was involved yesterday,” she said.