Danon Chides UN for 'Opening the Door to BDS' at Summit Against Boycott Movement

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Danny Danon in his office in Tel Aviv, August 14, 2013.Credit: AP

In an international student summit on ways of combating the BDS movement organized by the Israeli Mission to the UN, and held at the UN, Israel’s permanent representative to the UN Danny Danon borrowed from Winston Churchill, promising to fight the BDS movement in campuses, in courts of law and in the halls of the UN, but also used the podium at the general assembly hall to attack the United Nations.

In front of 1,500 people, Danon praised the American students present for being “the Iron Dome of the State of Israel,” and promised to win the "battle" against the BDS movement, which he referred to as “the true face of modern anti-semitism."

“Everyone will hear us, our friends but also our enemies," promised Danon, and added that BDS protestors are screaming outside, even though if there was a demonstration, it was really hard to spot. “I have a message for those standing right now outside the UN, holding banners and screaming hatful lyrics against the state of Israel – you will never win. Our people have overcome every threat and every enemy. We stand strong, we stand together and we will defeat you, once and for all."

The promise to defeat BDS once and for all generated enthusiastic applause, as Danon continued using militarized language to threaten the BDS movement: “We will fight them on campus, we will fight them in the courts of law, we will fight them in the halls of the UN." However, Danon also used the podium at the general assembly hall to attack the United nations, hinting that the enemy may actually be larger than BDS activists.

“BDS has already infected the UN, yes even the UN," said Danon. “Just recently, the UN human rights council voted to blacklist anyone who does business in Judea and Samaria, in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. With this disgraceful resolution, the UN crossed a red line. Can you imagine, that 70 years after the Holocaust, the UN is creating lists to encourage the boycott of Jewish companies? This is exactly the kind of hatred that the UN was founded to eradicate. When the UN is opening the door to BDS, we have to respond."

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