Israeli Developer Accused of Rape to Be Kept in Jail Due to Danger He Poses

Sharon Pulwer
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Alon Kastiel in Tel Aviv District Court, December 2016.
Alon Kastiel in Tel Aviv District Court, December 2016.Credit: Moti Milrod
Sharon Pulwer

The Tel Aviv District Court rejected a request by real estate developer Alon Kastiel to be released from jail to house arrest on Tuesday. Kastiel is accused of rape and other sexual offenses.

The request was turned down after the prosecution last week reneged on the central rape accusation against Kastiel because the statute of limitations on the complaint had expired. In his decision, Judge Avraham Heiman referenced the canceled accusation, writing that “the testimony of the complainant in the first case should be taken into consideration when assessing the danger [Kastiel] poses.”

He also ruled that the evidence that was withdrawn due to the statute of limitations “is established and the complainant’s testimony is clear and coherent.”

The judge added that from the other accusations, it appears that the level of danger Kastiel poses is extremely high. “This man chose a way of life that sees women as an object, to exploit women due to their weak powers of resistance following the inebriation he caused them,” he wrote.

Heiman rejected the probation service’s recommendation to release Kastiel to house arrest, but asked for an assessment of the possibility of releasing him to house arrest with electronic handcuffs. A further hearing on the matter was set for next week.

In December Kastiel was accused of six separate instances of rape and indecent assault on six women. Each of the charges included a description of how, prior to the assaults, Kastiel drank alcohol with the woman and allegedly put a date rape drug into her drink.