Construction Workers From West Bank Village Falls to His Death

58-year-old Majed Abdullah Salim, who was working without a permit, fell while a lifting platform

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FILE Photo: Construction workers on scaffolding in Jerusalem.
FILE Photo: Construction workers on scaffolding in Jerusalem. Credit: Emil Salman

A 58-year-old construction worker from Qalqilyah died Sunday when he fell from a height of 10 meters at a construction site in the Tzur Yigal industrial zone.

The worker was Majed Abdullah Salim, 58, from a village near the West Bank village of Qalqilya.

The Labor and Social Affairs Ministry issued a statement that Salim apparently fell from a lifting platform at Gets Ltd. plant, which was undergoing renovations. The ministry said he was working in Israel without a permit. The Occupational Safety Administration has stopped work at the site, and all those involved are being questioned by police, the statement said.

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Public activism against safety deficiencies on construction sites in 2018 led to the reassignment of safety inspectors to construction sites from areas such as farming and manufacturing. Last month it was reported that these industries saw a 75 percent rise last year in worker fatalities.

The Labor Ministry said 38 people died in 2018 in workplace accidents in non-construction industries, compared to 22 in 2017.

Haaretz has learned that despite 18 openings for inspectors in these areas, the Labor Ministry failed to fill these jobs. The Labor Ministry said four new inspectors have been hired and the other 14 positions are in the process of being filled.