Cars and Homes Vandalized in Suspected West Bank Hate Crime Attack

Slogans such as 'Jews don’t keep silent' found spray-painted on nearby buildings

“Jews don’t keep silent” is one of the slogans spray-painted on houses and a warehouse in the West Bank village of Husan, near Betar Ilit
Yesh Din

Several Palestinian cars and homes were vandalized in a suspected hate crime on Friday in the West Bank village of Husan, near Betar Ilit. The cars’ tires were slashed, while slogans such as “Jews don’t keep silent” and “Stone-throwers come from Husan” were spray-painted on nearby houses and a warehouse.

Security cameras belonging to a Husan resident showed three masked men entering the village and slashing the tires of a parked truck.

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Police are currently holding two minors in custody on suspicion of committing similar hate crimes.

They were arrested last week, but a gag order has been placed on details of the investigation.

Also last week, about 100 vines were destroyed in a Palestinian vineyard near Ramallah.

The slogan “Regards from Eish Kodesh,” referring to the name of an illegal settlement outpost, was spray-painted on a nearby rock.

Dozens of similar crimes have occurred in the West Bank over the past few months. But so far, the two minors are the only suspects arrested for these crimes.