Brother of Yitzhak Rabin's Killer Arrested for Allegedly Threatening President Rivlin

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Hagai Amir in court for allegedly threatening President Rivlin. October 28, 2015.Credit: Meged Gonzi (Walla!) / Pool

Hagai Amir, the brother of the Yitzhak Rabin's assassin, was released to house arrest Wednesday after being arrested for comments towards President Reuven Rivlin. In court Wednesday, Amir said that he doesn’t regret his allegedly threatening comments, first published on his Facebook page.

A Tel Aviv court has decided to keep Amir, the brother of Yigal Amir, who assassinated Rabin in 1995, in custody for an additional day after he was arrested Tuesday evening for publishing a Facebook post allegedly threatening the president. Amir appealed the ruling and won, and was later released home.

Hagai Amir's Facebook post threatening President Reuven Rivlin, October 27, 2015.Credit: Screenshot

In court Wednesday, was asked if he regrets publishing the post, to which he responded: "Of course not."

On his Facebook page, Hagai Amir wrote that "the time has come for Rivlin and the Zionist state to pass from this world due to the crimes they have committed against their people, and that day is not far."

Police decided to arrest Amir after questioning him at the Glilot police station in central Israel. He was brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Amir also wrote that "Rivlin is a kiss-up politician. He won't decide whether or not my brother is released, only God can decide, just as God decided that Rabin would die - even though Rivlin and his friends didn’t agree."

On Sunday, Rivlin declared that "as long as I am the president of the State of Israel, [Yigal Amir] will not go free...Let my right hand wither, if I ever sign a pardon for this cursed man. Never."

Geula Amir leaves the Glilot police station after Hagai Amir was arrested, October 27, 2015.Credit: David Bachar

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