Big in Israel: Macron Captures 94 Percent of French-Israeli Vote

François Fillon had won 60 percent of the Israeli vote in the first round, but in the second go Marine Le Pen mustered only 547 votes

Voters arriving to cast ballots in France's presidential election, Tel Aviv, May 7, 2017.
Jack Guez / AFP

An overwhelming 94 percent of French citizens voting in Israel selected the winner Emmanuel Macron in the second round of France’s presidential vote, results published Monday show.

A total of 13,191 French citizens cast their ballots Sunday – even more than in the first round two weeks earlier – with turnout reaching about 17 percent. This includes a modest number of Palestinians from the West Bank who voted in the French consulate in Jerusalem.

Altogether, Marine Le Pen, the far-right contender, won only 547 votes in Israel.

In the previous round, the winner in Israel was the conservative François Fillon at 60 percent of the vote. Macron came in second at 31 percent and Le Pen third at 4 percent.

Many French-Israelis said they voted because they feared a Le Pen victory. Le Pen’s threat to strip French-Israelis of their dual citizenship stoked anxiety, and many feared that a Le Pen victory could spell trouble for their Jewish friends and relatives left behind in France.