Bennett Slams Netanyahu: ‘Personality Cult’ Guided Gaza Operation

Yamina chairman Bennett wrote on Facebook that ‘there are even options today for the establishment of a government, if only we lift the boycotts’

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Naftali Bennett in Jerusalem, earlier this week.
Naftali Bennett in Jerusalem, earlier this week.Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg
Michael Hauser Tov
Michael Hauser Tov

Yamina chairman MK Naftali Bennett criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government on Sunday, writing on Facebook that the decision-making process in the recent Gaza operation was “twisted and dictated by personal considerations and personality cult.”

Bennett also called on all sides to work to establish a government and prevent a fifth election. “There are even options today for the establishment of a government, if only we lift the boycotts” he wrote.

“I don’t remember such a period of weakness, dysfunction and national confusion,” Bennett wrote in a Facebook post, stressing that personal and political considerations and lay behind the government’s decision in the recent Gaza fighting. He said that there has been “a smokescreen of a personality cult” for Netanyahu, meaning that “anyone who criticizes [him] is harshly attacked.”

Likud responded to Bennett's comments by stating that "there are politicians who speak right and act left."

"Only a right-wing government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to successfully deal with these challenges - and not a left-wing government that depends on the Joint List, with Nitzan Horowitz, Tamar Zandberg and Merav Michaeli sitting on thesecurity cabinet," the statement continued, and urged the right to "make it clear they will not join such a government." 

The Yamina chairman also wrote that the current government is “busy day and night patting itself on the back, and diverting their failures onto others,” whom Bennett pointed out that the government itself had appointed. “The logic that guides it is rejecting treatment of a problem, any problem, until the moment it blows up in our faces,” he added. The Yamina chairman claimed that “even Netanyahu’s most loyal supporters are beginning to understand that adoration of the leader at any cost is not a substitute for policy.”

Bennett called on politicians “not to stick to boycotts,” and do what is needed to establish a functioning government. “The enemy is not Bibi [Netanyahu], it’s not the left,” Bennett wrote. “Anyone who drags the country into a fifth election, to more poison and hatred, to another year of lack of political functioning, to a huge waste of money – plays into the hands of those who seek ill for us. That would be one mistake too many,” Bennett wrote.

Following the beginning of the Gaza operation, Bennett said in a closed-door meeting between members of his party and Likud representatives that a government with the anti-Netanyahu bloc is off the table, and that he prefers a broad unity government.

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