Battered Women in Israeli Shelters to Receive Income

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gimmee shelter
A women’s shelter in Be’er Sheva (illustrative).

Battered women staying in shelters for domestic violence victims will receive an income, even if they weren’t eligible for it a month before entering the shelter, under an amendment passed in the Knesset’s second and third readings Wednesday.

The current law conditions allocating an income supplement to battered women in a shelter on their entitlement to such an income before entering the shelter.

“Battered women who flee to a shelter leave behind an entire life and thoughts of how to pay their bills and fulfill their obligations,” said MK Zehava Galon (Meretz), who sponsored the amendment.

“The law will enable women in all the shelters to receive the income supplement during their stay there and obtain financial security,” Galon said. “The cost to the state is low, but so significant to these women.”

The bill’s co-sponsor, MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid), said in the plenum that the amendment “gives hope to women whose life story is already far from easy. A society is measured by its treatment of the underprivileged, weak and unfortunate. Social morality and responsibility are measured in exactly such instances.

“Regrettably, civil society is ahead of the state. It set up the shelters and later the state came to help. The law gives women the opportunity to establish economic independence and enable them not to return to the place they fled from.”

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