Domestic Violence Survivor and Her Rescuer to Light Israel Independence Day Torch

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Shira Isakov (center) in court last month.
Shira Isakov (center) in court last month.Credit: Eliyahu Hershkovitz

Shira Isakov, a domestic violence survivor whose ex-husband tried to murder her last year, will carry a torch in this year’s Independence Day ceremony, together with the neighbor who came to her aid after hearing her cries for help.

Her ex-husband, Aviad Moshe, is charged with stabbing her 20 times and hitting her with a rolling pin in front of their son. Then, as she lay on the floor bleeding, he sat on her and tried to strangle her while whispering “Die already.”

The indictment says that while trying to kill her, Moshe “cursed and humiliated her, blocked the door with his body so she wouldn’t be able to leave and completely ignored her screams and pleas that he stop, their son’s tears and the urging of her parents and the neighbors that he not hurt her.”

Isakov was gravely wounded. Afterward, while still in recovery, she decided to go public with her story and gave interviews with the goal of helping other women in similar situations and putting the issue of violence against women on the public’s agenda.

“Shira emerged from her ordeal and faced both Israeli society and the man who tried to kill her, and, loudly and confidently, raised the voice he wanted to silence forever,” ministers Miri Regev and Chili Tropper wrote in explaining their choice of Isakov to light a torch.

Isakov's neighbor, Adi Guzi, “risked her life, demonstrated courage and solidarity, and later became a prominent voice in the struggle against domestic violence,” they added. “Her actions are greatly admired by the public.”

“Shira and Adi were neighbors who were strangers, but one fateful day became a symbol of Israeli sisterhood, at the forefront of the battle against domestic violence,” they continued. “Shira, who was nearly deprived of her life by the man who had been her partner, survived this hell thanks to Adi’s courage and resourcefulness.”

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