Army Extracts Israelis From Palestinian Town They Entered to Pray

Police detain 10 Bratslav Hasidim caught in a rock-throwing incident in the West Bank on suspicion of behavior that could endanger public safety.

An illustrative photo shows a man praying at the tomb of Joshua.
Alex Levac

Police detained 10 Bratslav Hasidim early on Thursday morning in the northern West Bank after they violated a military order and entered a Palestinian town.

The men said that they entered Kifl Haris near Nablus in order to pray, and that after being identified as Israelis, Palestinian residents began throwing stones at them. In their call to police from the site, the men said they were afraid for their lives.

The town is home to a site regarded as the tomb of the biblical Prophet Joshua and a well-known pilgrimage site.  

Army forces entered the town, extracted the Jewish men and handed them over to the police for investigation. They are suspected, among other things, of behavior that could endanger public safety.