Six-year-old Ahmed Dawabsheh Released From Hospital One Year After Arson Attack

Dawabsheh will have to return for further operations, but will now live with his grandfather after the attack in Duma that killed his brother and parents.

Ahmed Dawabshah and his grandfather Hussein at the airport in Madrid on their way to meet Real Madrid soccer players in March, 2016.

Six-year-old Ahmed Dawabsheh was released from Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer on Friday, one year after suffering serious injuries when Jewish extremists set fire to his family's home in the West Bank town of Duma, killing his parents and his one-and-a-half-year-old brother Ali.

Dawabsheh was released to the care of his grandfather on his mother's side, Hussein Dawabsheh, with whom he will live in Duma.

The six-year-old underwent a series of complicated surgeries over the last year, and will have to return to the hospital for weekly checkups. He is expected to undergo additional procedures, most of them plastic surgeries, in the coming months.

"Ahmed's homecoming today brings mixed feelings," Dawabsheh's grandfather told Haaretz. "On one hand, he's coming home after recovering from being in very serious condition and is beginning a long rehabilitation process, and on the other hand, he's coming home alone, after losing his parents and brother. We will try to give Ahmed all our love and we'll try to make up for the loss of his parents — we hope that he'll grow up in a different atmosphere without hate and death."

The medical center stated that Dawabsheh was originally treated in the children's intensive care ward before being transferred to a more permanent ward for children. He spent the last six months in rehabilitation there.

The Dawabsheh family home was attacked in July of 2015. Amiram Ben-Uliel, a 21-year-old son of a rabbi was charged with the crime in January, 2016.