After Son’s Death, Mother Commits Suicide in Tel Aviv

Circumstances of 12-year-old boy’s death at home still under investigation

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Construction workers at a building site in Tel Aviv, October 23, 2016.
Construction workers at a building site in Tel Aviv, October 23, 2016.Credit: Ofer Vaknin
Yaniv Kubovich
Yaniv Kubovich

The body of Sivan Lavi, the mother of a 12-year-old boy who died at home last week, was found at a construction site in Tel Aviv on Sunday. The police investigation turned up some questions regarding the boy’s death, but the case was closed following the mother’s death.

Contact with the 46-year-old woman was lost after she left her mother’s house on Saturday. Construction workers on Tel Aviv’s Yigal Allon Street found a woman’s body when they arrived at work on Sunday. Police came and established that she was Lavi, based on her description and the clothes she was wearing. Police believe she killed herself by jumping off a tower at the site.

After the boy’s death, police first believed he and his mother arrived at their apartment to clean it after a fire had broken out there two days earlier, and that they had inhaled toxic fumes from cleaning materials. However the fire appeared to very minor, caused by lighted candles. It only singed a dining table but left no other marks. Furthermore, rat poison was found in the kitchen, along with other substances.

Sivan Lavi’s mother, who failed to make contact with her daughter or grandson, came to the apartment and found the two there. The boy was declared dead after lengthy resuscitation efforts.

Lavi was taken to the hospital two days ago with no major symptoms, and quickly released. After that she was summoned by police officers to give testimony regarding the circumstances of her son’s death.

Although the investigation was closed following her death, police have not unequivocally determined how he died and do not rule out the possibility that further investigation was warranted.

Police used special technological methods and a helicopter in their efforts to locate Lavi. Municipality workers and patrol policemen as well as volunteers joined the search, due to the dire mental state she was in since her son died on Thursday.

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