Five Fall and Die on Four Construction Sites in Two Days

Fatalities at construction sites are not unusual in Israel. Eight dies in August while working on scaffolds.

Roy (Chicky) Arad
Roy Arad
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A construction site in Tel Aviv.Credit: Courtesy
Roy (Chicky) Arad
Roy Arad

Five men fell to their deaths this week in four separate incidents on construction sites in Tel Aviv and two other towns in central Israel. this week.

Two construction workers in their 40s were pronounced dead Thursday afternoon after falling several stories from the 26th floor of Tel Aviv’s Midtown Office Tower, which is under construction. Magen David Adom said the accident happened around 1 P.M. The names of the victims had not been released as of press time last night.

One of the men fell to the 22nd floor; the other fell to the 15th.

Construction workers are required to use safety harnesses when working at heights. Work at the site was suspended in order to investigate the cause of the accident.

On Monday, three men died in falls on construction sites in Arsuf, Shoham and Tel Aviv.

Ahmed Hassan, 43, of Ramallah, was working at a construction site in Arsuf, a small seaside community north of Herzliya. Ibrahim Sa’ad, 57, of Nablus, died while working in Shoham.

Yaron Severin, 53, a property developer and CEO of Candle and Tower Buildings, died after falling down a shaft in a building his company was putting up in Tel Aviv.

Fatalities at construction sites are not unusual in Israel. In August, eight people died while working on scaffolds. Last year 31 workers died at Israeli construction sites, and the number was similar in 2013.

In contrast, in Britain only 46 construction workers died on the job last year, even though Britain’s population is eight times that of Israel.

The Economy Ministry, which is responsible for ensuring workplace safety but currently lacks a full-time minister, said one reason for the high number of deaths in recent years is the switch to more high-rise construction, since any fall from a high-rise is sure to be fatal.