Nearly Half of Assailants in Recent Violence in Israel Aged 20 or Less, Shin Bet Says

Data reveals that 10% of attacks were carried out by minors and 11% by females; almost three-quarters of attacks took place in West Bank.

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Scene of stabbing attack in Beit Horon, West Bank. January 25, 2016.
Scene of stabbing attack in Beit Horon, West Bank. January 25, 2016.Credit: Police
Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen

Nearly half of the 228 attacks in the current terror wave have been committed by assailants aged 20 or under, according to data released Monday by the Shin Bet security service.

The Shin Bet’s data covers some 4.5 months, dating back to October 1 when Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were murdered in a drive-by shooting in the West Bank. The statistics also include attempted attacks.

Almost three-quarters of the attacks took place in the West Bank (74 percent). Another 16 percent were carried out in Jerusalem, while 10 percent (22 attacks) were elsewhere in Israel.

The greatest number of attackers – 37 percent – were aged 16-20. Another 10 percent, meanwhile, were minors under the age of 16. A third were ages 21-25, while 10 percent were 30 or older.

Eleven percent of the attacks were carried out by women (24 in total).

Four-fifths of the attackers were carried out by Palestinians from the West Bank, with Hebron providing half of these. Ramallah was another large source, with 25 percent of the attackers coming from the West Bank’s de facto capital.

The Shin Bet reported that 21 of the attackers had entered Israel illegally. Two of the attacks within Israel were carried out by people who had entry permits – one in Modi’in was committed by a person with a work permit, and an attack on a synagogue in Tel Aviv was carried out by a person with an Israeli residency permit.

One man with a work permit carried out a stabbing attack in the West Bank’s Ariel industrial zone, where he worked.

One Sudanese asylum seeker also carried out an attack: he stabbed a soldier in Ashkelon, where he lived.

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