Four East Jerusalem Residents Charged With Attempting to Join ISIS

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Israeli security forces arresting a Palestinian for throwing rocks in East Jerusalem.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

Four East Jerusalem youths aged between 20 and 25 have been charged with attempting to join the Islamic State in Syria.

According to the indictment, which was brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Friday, they were unable to reach Syria for various reasons, but established study groups in which they studied the ISIS ideology and watched videos of the group's leaders.

In a separate indictment, three East Jerusalem residents were charged with planning a terrorist attack.

One of the defendants, Lukman Atun, 24, from Tsur Baher, flew to Turkey and met up with a people smuggler but didn't have enough money to be taken to the border, according to the indictment.

After returning to Jerusalem, he and the other defendants established a study group which met several times a week.

Another defendant, Abed al-Rahman from Abu Tir, also tried to fly to Turkey about a month ago but was arrested at the airport. Yet another planned to leave, but his father found out about it and stopped him.

"By their actions, the defendants were members of a terrorist organization and knowingly attempted to make contact with a foreign agent, someone who there is reason to believe dealt – or was sent to deal – with a terrorist organization on their behalf," the prosecution
said in the indictment. "The defendants also attempted to leave unlawfully for Syria."

The four are charged with attempted membership and activity in an illegal organization, attempting to join a terrorist organization, supporting a terrorist organization and attempting to leave the country unlawfully.

In a separate indictment submitted to the Jerusalem District Court, seven East Jerusalem residents aged 17 to 21, were charged with conspiracy to assist the enemy in wartime, manufacturing weapons, dealing in weapons, carrying weapons and supporting a terrorist

According to the indictment, three of the defendants, all aged 17, were members of the Popular Front organization. They planned shooting and firebomb attacks against police in Isawiyah.

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