14 Women Accuse Israeli Real Estate Developer of Sexual Crimes, Including Rape

Custody for Alon Kastiel extended five days.

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Alon Kastiel, a real-estate mogul and frequent club-goer, whom some women have accused of rape and sexual assault, in 2009.
Alon Kastiel, the real-estate mogul and frequent club-goer, whom some women have accused of rape and of sexual assault, in 2009.Credit: Yael Engelhart
Yaniv Kubovich
Yaniv Kubovich

Alon Kastiel, a real estate entrepreneur suspected of rape, was ordered held in custody for five more days Wednesday, after two more women lodged complaints against him for sexual offenses, bring the number of complainants to 14.

Two of Kastiel’s associates were questioned this week on suspicion of disrupting the investigation by trying to help Kastiel erase messages and posts from his computer and cell phone. The two are under house arrest.

The women have complained of various offenses, including rape and attempted rape. From the complaints it emerged that Kastiel allegedly used a similar modus operandi in all the reported instances, including a date-rape drug.

Even before his arrest last week, reports about his alleged offenses appeared in several media outlets. According to the Hebrew website The Hottest Place in Hell, Kastiel was being refused entry to the Block Club, in which he’s a partner, as well as to three other Tel Aviv clubs – the Breakfast Club, Lost Panda and Deli – in response to complaints from women that he had sexually harassed or assaulted them there.

Police are hoping that additional women will file complaints. One 30-year-old woman who claims she was attacked by Kastiel a year ago when she was drunk, and after she had thrown up several times, told Haaretz that she is afraid to go to the police.

“I’m afraid that invasive questioning with tough questions will put me in the position of being judged, like I’m a prostitute,” she said. “I’ll have to sit in front of policemen and explain to them how much I drank and why, and why I went to a club and why I spoke to whomever I spoke to. I have no problem with being a supportive witness in the investigation and the trial, but to be at the forefront is too much for me,” the woman said.

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