10-year-old Palestinian Girl Attacked by Settlers, Relatives Say

Relatives of the girl, Hala Alkut of Adama, accuse a group of Israeli settlers of assaulting her and injuring her in the head and face

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Ten-year-old Hala Alkut of Adama at the hospital.
Ten-year-old Hala Alkut of Adama at the hospital.

Israeli settlers assailed and lightly wounded a 10 -year-old girl from the West Bank village of Madama south of Nabus on Sunday, according to her relatives.    

The girl, Hala Alkut, was wounded in her head and face. She was taken to a hospital in Nablus for treatment and later released.

According to the girl's aunt, the girl had been at the aunt's home and was on her way to her own house across the street when she was attacked. One of the assailants, the aunt said, tried to pull her while the others attacked her. The girl managed to escape back into the house and the assailants threw stones into the home, the aunt said.

A report of the incident was filed with Israeli security forces, which are investigating.

One of the girl’s relatives, Ihab Alkut, who is a member of the local council in Madama, told Haaretz that attacks by settlers have become common in the Palestinian village, but despite prior complaints, the villagers still lack protection. 

Last week Haaretz reported about dozens of incidents of violence against Palestinians by Israelis. The incidents followed the death on December 21 of an Israeli teenager, Ahuvia Sandak, who was killed when a car in which he was riding in the West Bank overturned while being chased by Israeli police. The police suspected Sandak and the other occupants of the car of throwing stones at Palestinian motorists.  

According to Israeli security forces, since Sandak's death, there have been 27 incidents of violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, most of them involving stone-throwing at Palestinian motorists, four of whom were lightly injured. In eight of the cases, there was property damage. In five other incidents, Israeli police property was damaged or stones were thrown at Israeli security forces, amid tense clashes between Israeli demonstrators and the police over the case.

The investigation against the police involved in the car chase is expected to be closed, Haaretz reported earlier on Sunday. The others who were with Sandak are expected to be charged with throwing stones at Palestinians and fleeing the police, although it has not yet been decided whether they will be charged with causing Sendak's death.

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