Israel, Jordan Talk About Joint Airport

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz and the Jordanian ambassador to Israel met last week in Tel Aviv to discuss partnership in an international airport serving both Eilat and Aqaba. There are several options for the possible airfield, including using landing strips in Jordanian territory and a new terminal on the Israeli side. The new airport would replace Eilat's existing airport, instead of moving it to the Timna Valley area.

Jordanian ambassador Marouf Bakhit also asked Mofaz to approve a third weekly Royal Jordanian cargo flight to Tel Aviv and to lift restrictions on Royal Jordanian passenger flights that pass through Israeli airspace en route to Europe.

The pair also discussed a railway from northern Israel into Jordan that is slated to receive European financing. High-ranking officials in the Israeli and Jordanian transit ministries are slated to hold talks in the next two weeks prior to a possible December meeting between Mofaz and his Jordanian counterpart.