Israel Is Fulfilling Settlers' Expansionist Dream

As in Syria, Israel is quickly progressing to a situation in which the minority controls the majority.

In a short time from now, shorter than they dreamed, the settlers will be able to return to the homeland. In other words, to the place where they will finally be able to feel at home. It will be a country in their image. A country where the halakha (religious law ) is the law, the rabbis are judges and the police are their servants. A proper Jewish state. They will no longer have to disguise themselves as redeemers of the land, renewers of the Zionist enterprise or guardians of its border from invaders. They will complete the conquest of Israel.

We should therefore take off our hats to that same exiled minority who dwell on rocky hills and in subsidized housing - who, from their place of exile, managed to bend the mother country to their will, to shape its image, to determine its laws, its budget and its foreign policy, and to fence in its citizens with the barbed wire of fascism.

New settlement - Moti Milrod
Moti Milrod

As in Syria, Israel is quickly progressing to a situation in which the minority controls the majority, which is required to dance to the tune of a domineering and powerful group. A group whose members wave their delusional values like axes. A group who are chiseling an entire country into an image of an idol whom they serve as priests. In what other country can a minority of 5 percent determine the lifestyle of 7 million citizens?

The milestones that led to the establishment of their state are scattered along the 44 years of their subterfuge. Some of them stand rusty and crooked, like interesting clues for political archaeologists, others are fresh and shiny, like the Boycott Law, the Nakba Law, the recognition of Ariel College's status as a university, the Loyalty Law, the Admissions Committee Law - which will also soon become habit and a way of life, as though there was no other life beforehand. Democracy will then become a "phantom pain."

The "settlement enterprise" knew how to camouflage itself. Only a few more hours of prayer in the Cave of the Patriarchs, begged the settlers; just let us clean up the site of the Avraham Avninu synagogue in Hebron; only a small and intimate neighborhood in Kiryat Arba; just a small increase in the population of the neighborhood; only an outpost and an access road. And as though in a military diversion exercise, the "enemy" - Israeli governments, center-left Knesset members, various peace movements - bought this camouflaged plan as though it were the real plan.

Ostensibly, it seemed that all the settlers wanted was "only" to increase their number and the area designated for them. They managed to convince their opponents, in effect to trap them into believing, that the dispute was trivial. Because as long as the heart of the matter was construction, nobody would pay attention to the real conquest that they planned - the conquest of the State of Israel.

Now they no longer mind doing away with the camouflage. One house more or one house less in Eli, Yovel or Ofra are not important. They will be built in any case. Now the (Israeli ) diaspora must be turned into the homeland. It must be conquered from the arrogant ones who still remain in it. The mother country must be turned into a satellite state.

We can imagine the response of many Israelis if the American Jewish Diaspora were to try to tell the Israeli government how to behave, what policy to follow and which liberal values to adopt. But American Jews didn't dare intervene. They felt ashamed in the face of the heroes defending the only Jewish refuge in the world. They blocked their ears even when they understood that they couldn't really use this refuge. The values of that state are no longer the values of that same Judaism; the dream of its settlers is no longer their dream. So the American Diaspora made way for the other diaspora, the militaristic, tyrannical one - the one that dictates from a distance of a few kilometers, but from the depth of the abyss, the new values of the State of Israel.

These are the values that are imported to Israel from the territories and that have received the protection of the law. Because in the settlements there was no need for a law in order to exclude Arab settlers, even though the area is state land; in the settlements there was no need for the Nakba Law - it was imposed by physical strength. The Loyalty Law is certainly not relevant, since it is the citizens of Israel who are required to swear allegiance to the settlements and not vice versa. Nor was there need for the Boycott Law, which establishes the supremacy of the interests of the settlements over those of the mother country.

Israel is now fulfilling the true dream of the settlements. Israel will serve as a Masada for them and, if necessary, will agree to commit suicide for their sake.