Israel Election Updates / Habayit Hayehudi Barred From Handing Out Fruit for Tu Bishvat

Herzog tells students Likud will leave them homeless; 40 days to go: Polls see Likud gathering steam.

Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett (center).
Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

Tuesday's political summary: Polls see Likud gathering steam; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu widening his lead over his main rival, Isaac Herzog; the three ultra-Orthodox parties stabilizing at about 18 seats, similar to what they had in the previous Knesset; and the centrist parties have collectively lost four seats. Read the full story

Latest updates:

5:12 P.M. Attorney General dismisses calls to ban Habayit Hayehudi video

The attorney general said in a statement there is no reason to censor the Habayit Hayehudi election campaign video against Yossi Yona, a Zionist Camp Knesset candidate. According to the statement, "the video does not contain incitement, not even implied, to violence or terrorism."

Prof. Yossi Yona, number 23 on the Zionist Camp list, was accused in a video produced by Naftali Bennett's party of being "anti-Zionist," and of expressing views comparable to Hamas. (Jonathan Lis)

11:45 A.M. Herzog tells students Likud will leave them homeless

Labor Chairman and head of the Zionist Camp joint list Isaac Herzog spoke before hundreds of 12th-grade students on Wednesday morning in the city of Raanana, north of Tel Aviv. "The Likud party doesn't care about you or your future," he said, "All they see is the regime's pocket. Bibi (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) doesn't care if you live on the street. There's already an entire generation that can't get apartments, and if they (Likud) remain in power, you too will find yourselves on the street."

Herzog added, referring to his party's economic plan that was unveiled Tuesday: "Zionist Camp wants you to have your own apartment and I will personally ensure that this happens. We approach the housing question with an innovative solution that will enable both your parents and you to buy an apartment. The land in this country belongs to you, to the entire public, and we intend on enabling everyone to build here." (Jonathan Lis)

9:30 A.M. Habayit Hayehudi barred from distributing fruit for Tu Bishvat

Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran, who heads the Central Election Commission, has issued a temporary injunction barring Naftali Bennett's Habayit Hayehudi from giving out dried fruit during the Tu Bishvat holiday as part of the party's election campaign.

The injunction came in response to a petition by a Jerusalem resident claiming that the party's plan to hand out dried fruit, as advertised on the its Facebook page, is in violation of electioneering laws, which prohibit campaigners from serving food or drink. (Jonathan Lis)