Israel Drops Two-month-old Advisory Against India Travel

Counter-Terrorism Bureau in mid-October warned of a concrete threat, particularly in Goa.

Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau on Tuesday canceled a two-month-old advisory against travel to India, citing a drop in the threat of terror in that region.

The Bureau on Thursday had warned Israelis in mid-October about a concrete threat of a possible terror attack, particularly in the Goa area.

The bureau had issued a similar warning ahead of the Jewish New Year saying that Israelis throughout India could be targeted by terrorists.

The threat included groups of Western tourists in general, said the Bureau, which also cited Chabad centers and synagogues in the country where Jews and Israelis congregate.

The warning stated that the terror organization that was responsible for the Mumbai terror attack in November 2008 is plotting to implement several attacks in India, targeting tourist sites, Westerners, and possibly Chabad centers.

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau recommended then that Israelis in India avoid staying in crowded areas and refrain from visiting tourist attractions that aren't guarded by armed and visible security forces.

The bureau also said that due to potential attacks through out India in general, any Israelis who intend to travel to India should be extremely alert.