Israel Buys Logol Pills Against Radiation

Local defense establishment officials reported yesterday that Israel has recently purchased a new supply of Logol pills against nuclear radiation.

The initiative to purchase more pills was reported by officials during a visit by a delegation of MKs to the Soreq Nuclear Research Center, near Dimona. However, the defense establishment is still mulling whether to redistribute the pills to communities near the nuclear reactor at present.

The pills were first experimentally distributed in 2004 to residents of Arad and Yavneh, but were met with strong opposition from the mayors of the towns.

Dr. Dan Berkovits, from the research center, told the guests yesterday that an electrical particle accelerator will be activated March 10, and is supposed to take over all the functions of the current Soreq reactor, including nuclear medicine and aviation.

"If Israel manages to adhere to the schedule, it would be the first country to replace a nuclear reactor with a particle accelerator," Berkovits said.