Palestinians: IDF Arrests Hamas MP in West Bank

Report comes amid dozens of arrests in West Bank after Operation Pillar of Defense.

The Israel Defense Forces arrested a Hamas parliament member in the West Bank, Palestinians in the West Bank said on Saturday.

According to a report by Ma'an News Agency, the IDF "raided the western part of Nablus before ransacking [the] home of 46-year-old Yasser Mansour and detaining him. Mansour is a member of the inactive Palestinian Legislative Council, representing Hamas."

The arrest comes amid an IDF effort to minimize potential disturbances in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the eight-day Operation Pillar of Defense.

The Shin Bet security service announced on Thursday that the perpetrators of Wednesday's bus bombing in Tel Aviv, which left 28 people wounded, were arrested later that day. It said the security services had arrested several Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives, most of them from the West Bank town of Beit Lakiya, and they had confessed to preparing the bomb, choosing the target and buying the cellphone that detonated it from a distance.

To smuggle the bomb into Israel and actually plant it on the bus, the cell recruited an Israeli citizen, the Shin Bet said. That man, also originally from Beit Lakiya, was granted citizenship after marrying an Israeli and now lives in Taibeh.

On Thursday, 55 Palestinians in the West Bank were arrested. The Shin Bet's statement added that additional arrests in the case could be expected in the coming days.

According to Ma'an, 28 Palestinians were detained on Friday, among them at least five members of the Palestinian parliament in the West Bank.