Islamic State Releases Second Video Involving Photojournalist Cantlie

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Islamic State fighters parade in Raqqa, Syria. Undated image posted June 30, 2014.Credit: AP

Islamic State has released a second video involving the British photojournalist John Cantlie, whom the organization kidnapped in November 2012, media reports say.

The reports say that in the new, six-minute, video, Cantlie says that the U.S. effort in Syria will be similar to its slog through the Vietnam War.

“In this program, we’ll see how the Western governments are hastily marching towards all-out war in Iraq and Syria without paying any heed to the lessons of the recent past,” Mr. Cantlie says, according to The New York Times. “Not since Vietnam have we witnessed such a potential mess in the making.”

The first video involving Cantlie was released last Thursday. He is seated at a table against a black background and is wearing an orange jumpsuit. His hands are clasped in front of him on the table. He appears to read from a script.

Cantlie, who has worked for a number of major British media groups including the Sun, the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph, says in the earlier video that he's a prisoner.

"But seeing as I've been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose," he says.

He asks why western governments, in taking on Islamic State, "appear so keen to get involved in yet another unwinnable conflict?"

And he says in that two-minute video that in future videos he would tell "the truth" as the western media try to prompt another war with Islamic State.

Cantlie was kidnapped in July 2012 and, with help from Syrian rebels, was freed a week later. Later in the year he returned to Syria and was taken a second time.

Cantlie is the third Briton that Islamic State has used in its propaganda.

Islamic State, which is attempting to form a caliphate in Iraq and Syria, has killed two U.S. journalists and a British aid worker, and it has publicized the killings on video. And it has threatened to kill a second British citizen, a taxi driver who went to Syria to help distribute medical supplies. 

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