'ISIS' Lauds Messi for Beating Iran, Invites Him to Become Sunni Jihadist

Scourge of Shi'ite Islam rubs it in to Tehran after World Cup loss - or did it?

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Argentine striker Lionel Messi celebrates his goal against Iran during their World Cup soccer match in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on June 21, 2014.Credit: AFP

It turns out that the marauding jihadists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) like soccer. They also have a gloating sense of humor.

Dozens of news outlets reported that following Argentina star Lionel Messi's last-minute goal that beat Iran in Sunday's World Cup match, the jihadist group was thrilled. It tweeted, ISIS congratulates Messi and invites him to join the jihadist call and awards him the title of the Argentinian father of goals and the King of South America."

However, Arabic media reports later claimed that the tweet was in fact posted by a spoof account. 

ISIS, which is storming through Shi'ite-dominated Iraq, is made up of Sunni Muslim militants; Iran is a Shi'ite Muslim republic.

There was no word from Messi's representatives on his interest, if any, in the offer.