ISIS Executes Two 'Gay' Men in Ancient Syrian City of Palmyra

Graphic photos of two Syrian men being thrown off building and then stoned to death released by Homs division of Islamic State, confirms intelligence group SITE.

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Photo of a man accused of being gay being thrown off a building by an ISIS member, in Palmyra, Syria.Credit: Twitter

Two Syrian men accused of being gay have been executed by Islamic State militants in the ancient city of Palmyra, according to media reports.  

Graphic photos allegedly documenting their execution are circulating on social media; Radio Sawa's Zaid Benjamin tweeted four of the photos, and claimed that the pair was murdered for engaging in a "homosexual relationship." 

The SITE intelligence group has confirmed the reports, saying that the jihadist group itself released a 'photo report' of the execution on the Internet. The perpetrators are members of the Homs division of Islamic State (also known as ISIS), according to SITE.

The photos document the execution in graphic detail: the blind-folded men are led to the top of a three-level building, where an ISIS militant reads out their 'judgment'; they are then thrown off the building before being stoned to death on ground level. One of the photos shows a crowd of people watching the unfolding execution.

#ISIL militants throw 2 Syrians off roof in #Palmyra #Homs "for having a homosexual affair" then they stone them.

ISIS has released multiple videos and photos of executions, including of other men accused of being gay. Earlier in July, the jihadist group released a video showing 25 Syrian soldiers being shot dead by teenage boys in the city's ancient amphitheater.

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to 2,000-year-old structures, was captured by ISIS in May. Islamic State, which aspires to establish a global caliphate ruled by a harsh interpretation of shariah law, rules over wide swathes of both Syria and Iraq.