Iran Upgrades Russia-made Heavy Submarine, Launches New Destroyer

Chief of Islamic Republic's naval forces says Tehran successful in repairing, relaunching Tareq 901 submarine despite the fact that Moscow insisted it be repaired in Russia.

Iran relaunched a heavy Russian-made submarine following a reported overhaul by Iranian engineers and scientists, the Iranian network Press TV reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the Tareq 901 submarine was reintroduced along with the Sahand destroyer, as per the instructions of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

At the ceremony in the port city of Bandar Abbas, the chief of Iran's naval forces Admiral Habibollah Sayyari indicated that the "country of origin had failed to deliver plans of the submarine's parts and was insisting to repair the sub in its own basins."

"However, the Iranian Navy has now developed the plans anew and has acquired a much significant expertise in the overhaul of the kilo-class submarines," he said, adding: "With such a success Iran is among a handful of countries which can overhaul such submarines."

The project's manager, Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini told Press TV that among the components upgrade by Iranian experts were [a]nti-radar systems, wings, pneumatic systems, compressed air systems, pumps and sensors, telecommunication systems, propelling systems."

"This shows that Iran can achieve its goals by all means, he added.

Earlier this month, Iranian media cited an Iranian official  that Tehran was due to unveil a new type of independently-produced long-range cruise missile, adding that the new projectile could be launched from land, sea, and air.

The report by Iran's state-run television network Press TV came after, last week, the commander of the army's air defense force said that Iran has built about 30 percent of a missile defense system it is developing in place of the Russian S-300 system Moscow refused to sell it.

Farzad Esmaili, speaking to the Iranian ISNA news agency, also reiterated that Iran will hold a large-scale air defense exercise in the next two months covering the whole country.

Tareq 901 submarine
Press TV