Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Netanyahu Should Contain Himself, Iran Deal Doesn't Threaten Israel

U.S. senator was responding to comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizing the deal.


A nuclear framework agreement reached between world powers and Iran does not threaten the survival of Israel, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein said on Sunday.

Feinstein, a leading Democratic voice on foreign affairs as vice chairman of the Senate select committee on intelligence, was responding to comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizing the deal. Netanyahu has rejected the framework agreement reached on Thursday, saying it risks Israel's security and would make it easier for Iran to obtain an atomic bomb.

“This can back backfire on him,” Feinstein said. “I wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative. In his speech to the Congress — no real alternative. Since then — no real alternative.”

Feinstein was one of the more outspoken opponents of Netanyahu's speech to Congress , calling it "humiliating, embarrassing, and very arrogant."

"I think that what Prime Minister Netanyahu did here was something that no ally of the United States would have done," Feinstein said. "I find it humiliating, embarrassing, and very arrogant because this agreement is not yet finished."

Feinstein, who is Jewish, also rebuffed Netanyahu's remark that he was going to Congress to speak for the entire Jewish people.

She also previously told Haaretz that that inviting Netanyahu to address Congress during an Israeli election period was “highly inappropriate” and that imposing new sanctions on Iran at this time would be “reckless and dangerous.”