IPO Spokesperson Hands Over Baton After 17 Years

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra surprised Israeli media with and announcement Sunday that Dalia Meroz is leaving her post.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's spokesperson, Dalia Meroz, is leaving her post of 17 years, according to an announcement from the IPO yesterday. Meroz will be replaced by the Shalom Tel Aviv company, headed by Zamir Dahbash.

The announcement about Meroz's departure caught Israeli media by surprise; her professionalism is widely recognized, along with her love for the orchestra and her uncompromising commitment to it.

barenboim - Moti Kimche - June 17, 2004
Moti Kimche

The IPO acknowledged these qualities, noting in its announcement that "Dalia became an integral part of the orchestra, due to her love for music, and her huge investment of time on behalf of the orchestra's presence in the media."

The switch in the orchestra's public relations post comes at a delicate moment, since for the first time since the Mann Auditorium's opening in 1957, the orchestra's performances will be held this coming season in temporary locations, at the Tel Aviv University and Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv port.

The closure of the Mann Auditorium for one year, for renovations, has created a rumor mill about the non-renewal of subscriptions. "The challenges facing us are very great," Dahbash stated yesterday. "This is a field about which I myself am not an expert, and I will try to bring a fresh change to the way in which the [the orchestra] is perceived."