Investigators Reportedly Call Galant Document a Forgery

Channel 1 reports that investigators believe the Galant document was likely a fabrication.

The Galant document was likely a fabrication, Channel 1 reported investigators as saying yesterday. The document was said to outline a public relations campaign concocted by GOC Southern Command Yoav Galant, in an effort to boost his candidacy for IDF chief of staff.

According to the report, the logo on the document - purportedly belonging to a PR firm headed by communications guru Eyal Arad - appears to be a forgery. The network also reported that polygraph tests administered to individuals involved in the case support these assessments.

If the document is officially declared a fake, it will be incumbent on the police to investigate the source of the fabrication. Investigators have already questioned numerous figures over the affair, including IDF Spokesperson Avi Benayahu and the chief of staff's top aide, Erez Weiner.

Police will try to determine whether the authors of the apparently forged document sought to influence the race for the top position in the Israel Defense Forces. Investigators are believed to have the original document or at the very least a copy of the paper in their possession.

The police have agreed to defer a ruling from the Petah Tikva District Court as to whether Channel 2, which originally broke the story, is required to hand its copy over to the authorities.

Arad filed a complaint with police last week over the Galant document, after Channel 2 journalist Amnon Abramovich reported on its alleged contents. The logo belonging to Arad's consultancy firm is emblazoned on a copy of the document.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein instructed law enforcement authorities to launch an investigation into the alleged forgery. Dozens of military and defense officials have since given statements to police. More figures will likely be called in for questioning in the coming days.

Police refused to comment on media reports pertaining to the investigation's latest developments.