Inside Bibi-zantium

What are we asking for after all: a candidate whose work environment has no need for a multi-lever machine in order to disseminate the truth.

Uzi Arad hid a camera beneath the dress of the Prime Minister's Office, and exposed what was going on. The dirty picture was published in the daily Yedioth Ahronoth; everyone was horrified.

I have known Arad for many years. He always aroused my curiosity, and not necessarily due to his philosophy and his analyses. His obsessive dependence on Benjamin Netanyahu amazed me: How could he make puppy-dog eyes at someone who is incapable of returning his affection?

Blind admiration is a phenomenon that requires research. An adult turns another person into the object of his admiration, and ties his fate to him. I once asked a famous journalist to explain his admiration for a charismatic politician, and heard a confession from him. I'm a child of the Holocaust, he explained, who needs someone to hold his hand, someone to lean on. I was no longer surprised. But Arad is not a Holocaust survivor; he's a PMO survivor.

What causes the "shadow people" to get themselves involved in a sick and sickening situation? After all, it was clear from the start that this is the place from which nobody has come back alive so far; after all, they know with whom they're going to work, with whom they'll be dealing. And despite that, they are willing to become enslaved and to commit suicide.

A person has to be a dish rag in order to polish shoes in a Bibi-zantine court. And why should anyone who can't stand the stench agree to stand at the crossroads of the country's defeat? I have no special sympathy for those who sell their souls, who on their way to the lethal PMO avert their glance from the guillotine basket, which is already full of severed heads.

Netanyahu has collected more character references during his lifetime than any other prime minister with the possible exception of Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Dozens of acquaintances, in Israel and abroad, have testified to his lousy character. Dozens of aides and advisers, chiefs of staff and former heads of the Shin Bet security services and the Mossad, have already told us what they really think of him. Ministers who are now in his cabinet - they serve him and he uses them - spoke differently only on Thursday. Have the housekeepers also joined those conspiring against him, and become his political rivals?

There is nobody who has come close to him without getting burned, and still they refuse to be warned and, above all, refrain from warning others. And now, in advance of the major decision, when character has the power over life and death, their silence is their betrayal.

His opponents have never dared to bear false witness against him or Sara, as have his very long series of betrayed supporters, their corpses tossed along the way. His close associates testify: He's a coward and a charlatan, he panics easily and vacillates; he is as smooth-talking as a furniture salesman from America. Worst of all, what he says is not what he feels - his mouth is much bigger than his heart.

Who can say, in the words of the proverb, that a lie has no legs; it certainly does, and it's advancing nicely. There was a time when people lied here for the good of Greater Israel - that was allowed. Now they're lying for the good of the prime minister, who feels that the entire world is against him, including the state comptroller, and he is against the entire world.

Let's listen for a moment to those who have doubts: Let's say that the things they say about him are true - some or all of them - and we're in trouble. But what's the alternative? Who is worthy of replacing him? After all, the government offices are rife with snakelike types such as suspected forger Lt. Col. (res. ) Boaz Harpaz. Because of them people wear high shoes.

Our expectations, as opposed to our shoes, are no longer very high. In fact, they are quite low. What are we asking for after all: a candidate whose work environment has no need for a multi-lever machine in order to disseminate the truth; a candidate who is not haunted by phantom demons chasing after him; a candidate who after a hard day's work returns to a normal home and rests.