Inquiry Faults Probe of Gaza Girl's Killing

There were major failures in the probe of a Palestinian girl's killing in October 2004, according to a Military Police internal investigation. As a result of the probe, one officer was reprimanded and another censured.

Iman Al Hams, 12, was killed in Rafah by Givati infantry brigade soldiers. Givati commander, Captain R., stood trial for the death, but was acquitted of all charges. His rank was recently raised to major.

Military Police Commander Brigadier General Roni Benny recently appointed two reservist officers to examine the Military Police's conduct during the investigation.

The two determined that the investigators acted unprofessionally and with negligence.

The two officers criticized the decision not to appoint a special investigation team led by higher-ranking, more experienced officials to look into the incident. They said the probe did not appropriately document the incident.

Benny decided to reprimand the military police officer in charge of the investigation and to censure the head of the investigation team.