Injured Gaza Family Still Awaits Evacuation

As of last night, almost 48 hours after a shell struck the isolated A'aiedy family home in a farming area in the eastern Gaza Strip, all attempts to evacuate the injured family members have failed.

Two 80-year-old women and three of their grandsons were injured in the strike, which destroyed part of the house. They have been treating the injuries with water and salt, but the wounds have become infected, the owner of the home, Hussein al-A'aiedy, says.

Red Cross ambulances were unable to come near the area Sunday. Attempts by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) to coordinate evacuation also failed, and the family remains in one room in the yard of the damaged house.

Late Sunday evening a Palestinian ambulance arrived to pick up injured people from a cluster of houses not far away. According to A'aiedy, the ambulance crew was also ready to pick up his injured family members, but the Israel Defense Forces would not let them. Yesterday afternoon, the IDF liaison's office told PHR that the injured could not be evacuated because of the firefights that were taking place all around the area. A'aiedy confirmed that tanks were firing toward the house. He told a representative of PHR that he wanted to take the children to a more open area so the army would not fire at them.

A'aiedy's only link with the outside world is a mobile phone he recharges from the battery he dismantled from a motorbike.