IN PHOTOS: 'SlutWalk' Protest Against Sexual Violence Hits Jerusalem

Scantily clad protesters march proudly through the capital, demanding women's right to dress as they please without facing harassment.

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Protesters taking part in the" SlutWalk" pass an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man (R) in Jerusalem May 29, 2015. Credit: Reuters

Hundreds gathered on Friday morning in Jerusalem for Israel’s latest “SlutWalk,” - "Mitzad Sharmutot" in Hebrew - protesting the prevalence of sexual violence in Israel and around the world.

Toronto activists organized the first SlutWalk protest on April 3 2011, in reaction to a Canadian policeman’s statement that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized."

The first SlutWalk took place in Tel Aviv in 2012, and has continued since. This year, the event is being held only in Jerusalem.

"When was the last time you were called a slut?" event organizers asked via Facebook, explaining that the goal of the event was to protest the idea that "women bring rape and sexual violence upon themselves by acting or dressing a certain way."

"We are here to protest the norm in which women cannot feel safe in the public area," organizers said, slamming what they described as "victim shaming."

The protesters raised a few eyebrows, but reports of hecklers were low as protesters were escorted by a group of police officers.