In Israel, Justice Works Only for Jewish Society From Within

What takes place in other, dark places is ignored, and the High Court of Justice is giving its kosher seal of approval to huge sing.

Apparently, when it comes to the humiliation rituals the members of the Knesset's extreme right factions are planning for the Supreme Court, the justices have only themselves to blame. On this apocalyptic occasion, it is appropriate to ask the justices the famous question posed by former lawmaker Shmuel Flatto-Sharon, with a slight change: What have you done for the High Court of Justice?

But there is no need to rummage through history to get the answer. One can simply wait for the High Court's reply to the state's recently submitted request for another postponement of the evacuation of the West Bank Jewish settlements of Amona and Givat Assaf.

One might have expected the justices to throw this impertinent request out the window, and order the representatives of the Defense Ministry to carry out the evacuation immediately. But that did not happen. Presumably, the justices will ultimately agree to the request, thereby koshering the vermin.

And if in the past, in the absence of justice and justices, the slogan was "a dunam here, a dunam there," the slogan today is "a postponement here, a postponement there" - and the kosher seal of approval will not be long in coming.

This story has been going on now for decades. And thus, with the blessing of the High Court, and in contravention of international laws concerning occupied territory, the monstrous settlement project has arisen, and the land robbers are being given legitimacy that would not embarrass the most improperly run countries on earth.

A few years ago, the High Court of Justice koshered the execution of Palestinians without trial when it rejected a petition filed by the Public Committee Against Torture, which asked the court to put an end to the policy of assassinations. The petition stated that of the 500 people killed in the so-called targeted assassination operations, 168 were innocent.

This year, the courageous young woman, Anat Kamm, was sentenced to a lengthy term in prison because she revealed documents purportedly showing that the army had carried out an assassination in defiance of the High Court of Justice order. To my mind, Kamm is comparable to a young woman thrown into prison for disturbing a neighbor's rest by shouting that a murder was being committed before her eyes.

And in the same vein, in its day, the High Court of Justice ordered the closure of the now-defunct Hadashot newspaper because it had published a report stating that the defense minister had appointed a committee to investigate the circumstances of the deaths of two of the hijackers of Bus 300 after they had been removed from the vehicle. And thus the outcry remains silent - at the bidding of the High Court.

In the early 1950s, the High Court ordered the return to their homes of the people uprooted from the villages of Birim and Ikrit. This decision has never been implemented; and in this case, no one has even asked for postponements. And what is the High Court doing about this slap in the face? Remaining silent. And the ostensibly sane elements in Israel are also remaining silent. For as long as the justices are cleaning the stables in Jewish society, everything is fine - even if a huge sin is being committed just a step away.

In Israel, one can humiliate the president of the country and grind him into the dust, but a settler who shoots Arabs walks free; they depose a prime minister, and at the same time, the High Court koshers the army's failure to make an effort to find the soldier who shot and killed 10-year-old Abir Aramin near her school.

The sense of justice works overtime - as long as we are talking about Jewish society from within. What takes place in other, dark places is ignored. The right, despite all the benefits it is given, cries out bitterly day and night against the court system and marks it as leftist, thus gaining more and more benefits and more and more absolutions. The left, however, is cautious about criticizing the court system, thereby losing more and more. Because to whom do people listen if not to the screamers and the violent? According to an Arabic saying, "A person you have accustomed to riding on your back feels tired every time he sees you." The path of surrender leads to absurdities, which only the extreme right in Israel knows how to create. And now the pack of wolves wants more - to transform the High Court of Justice into a branch of Yisrael Beiteinu.