Illegal African Minors Detained Alongside Criminals

Though facility is deemed inappropriate for minors, Immigration Police says they're treated properly.

Ten minors in Israel illegally have been held since Wednesday at Ben-Gurion International Airport, at a holding facility with adults and criminals.

The minors, teens from Africa who infiltrated the Egyptian border, were moved to the holding facility from a detention center for minors near Hadera, which was unexpectedly shut. There the minors received essential social services and care, pending future transfer to a more permanent location.

Attorneys appointed to represent the minors, who were arrested upon entering the country, had not been informed they were moved to the Ben-Gurion facility, which is inappropriate for minors.

The Immigration Police argued in response that the minors are being treated properly there.

The Legal Assistance section at the Justice Ministry had assigned the minors to the detention center near Hadera, until a better solution was found.