IDF Video Shows Hezbollah Removing Arms From Blast Site

The Israel Defense Forces yesterday released more video clips taken by a drone over the site of an explosion at one of Hezbollah's hidden arms depots.

The clips show that the southern Lebanon home where the explosion occurred Friday contained rockets and other arms belonging to the radical Shi'ite group. This would be a violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War, and forbade the group from carrying out any military activity south of the Litani River.

The blast occured in a Hezbollah member's house in the village of Shabiye, which is in a predominantly Shi'ite area south of the Litani River. Intelligence officers say it is a center of Hezbollah activity.

The video shows dozens of Hezbollah members at the scene after the blast, covering the collapsed roof of the house with a canvas and removing weapons from the cache.

They initially moved the arms to homes in two nearby villages, but by evening they had taken most of them to a mosque north of the Litani, which intelligence officers say is being used by Hezbollah for its operations.

The storage facility housed 107-millimeter rockets as well as longer range 122-millimeter rockets, the IDF said. A senior officer called the depot "substantial."

The IDF had been aware the depot existed prior to the explosion.

Only after the area was cleared by Hezbollah during the night was the Lebanese army allowed to inspect the site, and UNIFIL troops did not come to the village until all evidence was cleared.

The IDF says that the explosion proves Hezbollah is continuing to violate Resolution 1701, and that the Lebanese Army is not enforcing the resolution.