WATCH: IDF Soldiers in Civilian Clothes Dragging Palestinian Man in Hebron

Some of the IDF soldiers seen kicking Palestinian while leading him into a building in Hebron's Tel Rumeida neighborhood.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers dressed in civilian clothes dragged Tuesday a Palestinian man into a building located in a Jewish neighborhood in the city of Hebron, a YouTube video reveals.

The video shows an argument taking place between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian, not far from an army post. The soldier, apparently planning to go for a run, is seen asking the Palestinian to accompany him, however he refuses. At that point more soldiers arrive at the scene, none of them in uniform.

The Palestinian is seen as trying to distance the soldier, who in response says "don't touch me." At that point the video shows the Palestinian being carried and dragged by four of the soldiers.

Some of the IDF soldiers are seen kicking the Palestinian a number of times, while leading him into a building in the Hebron neighborhood of Tel Rumeida.

A soldier in standard IDF uniform (probably manning the nearby post) is seen approaching, however when the Palestinian is being carried away he leaves the scene. At the same time, one of the soldiers is heard telling the person recording the video to "go back" and stops him from coming closer to the Palestinian.

Since the video only documents the events following the confrontation, it is not possible to determine the incidents leading up to it. Moreover, the Palestinian is shown being dragged into the building and it remains unclear what happened inside.

Following the incident the Palestinian was transferred to police custody and after his arrest it was said he was wanted for questioning.

The soldiers in the video are serving in the Nahal's 931 Battalion and have been positioned in Hebron for the past few weeks.

Three weeks ago, an officer serving in the same battalion was filmed head-butting  a 17-year-old Palestinianin the face in Hebron.

IDF spokesman said in response that "the video does not display all of the incidents leading up to the event. Yesterday, during a routine security check in Hebron, the Palestinian refused to identify himself. The Palestinian man confronted the IDF force on scene, an incident not shown in the video, when the soldiers, who were there unintentionally, assisted the force in completing its mission." 

IDF soldiers in civilian clothes dragging a Palestinian man