Israeli Soldiers Caught on Camera Pushing, Throwing Stone at Photojournalists

'The behavior seen in the video is reprehensible,' an army spokesman said, 'The matter will be investigated.'

Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen
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Israeli soldiers assaulted a pair of photojournalists near the West Bank town of Nabi Saleh on Friday, video footage of the incident shows.

The video shows a group of soldiers accosting two photojournalists clearly marked as members of the press, shouting at them "Get out of here." Then one of the soldiers is seen pushing one of the photographers to the ground with his helmet. After this, another soldier knocks the other photographer to the ground. The same soldier then picks up a stone and hurls it at the photographer.

According to the army, the area was a closed military zone and some 70 Palestinians had assembled there and hurled stones at passing vehicles and the force itself. This demonstration is not seen in the video.

Two Palestinians were lightly wounded in the clashes. According to the demonstrators, one of the Palestinians suffered a head wound from Ruger fire, but the Israeli army said he was not wounded by a Ruger, but could not give any details on the circumstances of the man's injury. The other wounded was hit by rubber bullets.

An Israeli soldier was also wounded by stones thrown by the demonstrators.  

An Israel Defense Forces spokesman told Haaretz that "the behavior seen in the video is reprehensible and isn't in line with the guidelines issued by the commanders in the region. The IDF guidelines allow for free press coverage in the territory under control of the Central Command in general, and specifically during demonstrations. The matter will be investigated."

In 2012, an IDF officer was filmed throwing stones and firing at Palestinians in Nabi Saleh – contrary to regulations. He was relieved of his duties and was later charged with illegal use of a fire arm.

Video by Miki Kratsman: