IDF Soldier Wounded in Gaza; Two Hamas Men Killed by IAF

Two Hamas militants were killed in two separate Israel Air Force strikes in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday.

IAF jets struck a launching site right after militants fired a barrage of mortar shells at Israel, an Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman said.

The air strike was part of "anti-terror" ground activity against militants firing mortars at Israel and army outposts along the border fence, the spokeswoman said.

During the activity, an Israeli soldier was lightly injured by anti-tank missiles and mortar fire.

The soldier was taken to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva.

IDF sources said that the Hamas men who were killed had been firing mortars at Israeli forces in the area.

The troops left Gaza at about noon.

An earlier Israeli strike wounded four militants from Islamic Jihad.

Before noon, three mortar shells were fired at kibbutz adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

One shell fell near a house, and damaged several homes. Nobody was hurt.

Since there is no alert for mortar fire, the kibbutz members sought shelter only after the shells had fallen.

"We have no miracles and no time. The continued fire on unprotected houses is intolerable and unacceptable. It's time the government make an immediate decision," said Shaar Hanegev Regional Council head Alon Schuster, on his way to a meeting with the prime minister.

IDF troops also arrested 12 wanted Palestinian terror suspects in overnight raids in the West Bank on Tuesday.