IDF Raids Headquarters of Anti-fence Organization

Israel Defense Force soldiers confiscated documents belonging to the Committee for the Popular Struggle against the Separation Fence during a nighttime raid on the northern West Bank village of Qafin, a committee activist said yesterday. Apparently, the soldiers located the committee headquarters in a building search and seized documents and NIS 7,000 and 500 dinars from their offices, said the activist.

The IDF Spokesman's Office said the committee's claims were currently under investigation; however, thus far, the IDF had found no basis for the allegations, nor had the committee registered any complaints with the Palestinian Authority's liaison office.

Activists contended that a large IDF force raided Qafin, north of Tul Karm, Wednesday night, breaking into a building in the village center where the offices of several community organizations were located, including the Committee against the Fence, an agricultural aid organization and a rural women's advancement group. According to neighbors and organization members, the soldiers remained for a little over two hours, tore three iron doors off their hinges and spent some time photographing the rooms.

Immediately after the soldiers left, at around 4:15 A.M., members of the Committee against the Separation Fence and the agricultural organization discovered money had gone missing, which they claimed had been locked up.

The missing documents, which were in a notebook, contained maps, orders for land expropriation and ownership documents, and requests for passage through the fence, among others.

Some 5,000 dunams out of 8,200 dunams of Qafin's agricultural land has been blocked by the separation fence. Haaretz has learned that, excluding a few days during the olive harvest and plowing season, farmers are barred from accessing their land.