IDF Preparing for Possible Terror Attacks From Syria Border, Says Senior Officer

Brig. Gen. Tamir Hyman tell reporters:The events unfolding beyond the border increase the likelihood of terror attacks.

The IDF is preparing for the possibility of terror attacks from the Syrian border, a senior IDF officer told journalists on Thursday.

Brig. Gen. Tamir Hyman said on Thursday that, "the events unfolding beyond the border increase the likelihood of terror attacks. That, in turn, necessitates preparations as far as infrastructure, training and deployment."

Hyman added that the division's working assumption is that a terror attack can take place from the Syrian border without the IDF having prior intelligence.

"Terror organizations may seek to exploit a situation of instability and lack of governability that may develop on the Syrian side of the border. Now its quiet, but we're preparing for the worst-case scenario."

Hyman briefed journalists during a tour of the Golan Heights.

According to Defense Ministry officials, extremist Islamic terror organizations are flooding to Syria from Iraq and other countries. Toppling the regime of President Bashar Assad is, in fact, their main objective, but there are fears they might use the opportunity to launch attacks against Israeli citizens in the Golan Heights.

Following events in recent weeks, ministry officials believe that Assad's position is more stable than previously assumed. The president is still in relative control of the army, and his treatment of the population is apparently ruthless. Still, Israeli officials believe that the army's daily functioning and morale have already been damaged. At least 12,000 soldiers have been killed, and recent drafts have seen an unprecedented low percentage of conscripts.

The Israel-Syria border.
Yaron Kaminsky