Israeli Army Jeep Shot at Near Gaza Border, IDF Responds With Tank Fire

In a first since summer's Operation Protective Edge, IDF uses tank fire; jeep's window was damaged, but no one was wounded.

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An Israeli Jeep plows the road near a security fence along the Gaza Strip.
An Israeli Jeep plows the road near a security fence along the Gaza Strip.Credit: Eyal Warshavsky / Baubau
Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen

An Israel Defense Forces jeep patrolling the Gaza border was fired at on Thursday, prompting the army to respond with tank fire for the first time since the summer's Operation Protective Edge.

The jeep's window was damaged, but no one was wounded in the incident.

The IDF Spokesman said that light arms were fired at Israeli soldiers along the border near Kissufim, in the northwestern Negev.

While the Israel-Gaza border has largely been quiet since Operation Protective Edge over the summer, there have been isolated incidents in recent months in which Gazans approach the security fence and are met with tear gas or light-arms fire from the Israeli army.

Israeli soldiers on Sunday shot and killed a Palestinian man on the border with the Gaza Strip, according to a Gaza Health Ministry spokesman.

According to the spokesman, Fadal Mohammed Halawa, 32, was killed east of the Jabalya refugee camp, north of Gaza City. His death was the first fatality since the summer war.

Following the incident, the army said that two Palestinians approached the security fence in the Jabalya area and did not respond to troops' orders to stop.

The troops first fired into the air, said the IDF, and then shot in the direction of the legs of one of the Palestinians, hitting him. The man was taken by ambulance to a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8, and by July 29, the army said it had fired some 30,000 shells, many into densely populated areas in the strip.

Since Operation Protective Edge, 25 members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that were arrested during the war have been indicted on various security-related charges, Defense officials said on Thursday. These include attempted murder, weapons offenses and prohibited military training. Some of the men were also responsible for firing rockets and mortar shells and digging tunnels into Israel.

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