IDF Had to Break Into Safe to Find Details of Harpaz Resignation

In August suspicions surfaced that Lt. Col. (res. ) Boaz Harpaz forged document supposedly prepared to advise Yoav Galant in his bid to succeed IDF chief.

The Israel Defense Forces had to break into a safe in the Defense Ministry to obtain the file on the circumstances of the retirement of the reserve officer suspected of forging the so-called "Galant document." The army and the Defense Ministry were initially at loggerheads over who owned the documents.

Boaz Harpaz, Alon Raz
Alon Raz

At the end of August, suspicions surfaced that Lt. Col. (res. ) Boaz Harpaz had forged the document s

Haaretz asked the IDF Spokesman's Office about the circumstances under which Harpaz had been forced to retire from the IDF seven years ago after his alleged involvement in possessing a computer containing classified material. A few years later he challenged the conditions of his retirement, under which he was stripped of his pension.

The IDF was at first unable to fulfill journalists' request for information because the documents could not be located. They were later discovered in a safe in the IDF ombudsman's offices.

The army asked the current ombudsman, Maj. Gen. (res. ) Yitzhak Brik, for the file, but Brik said the keys to the safe were lost.

The Defense Ministry's lawyers eventually recognized the military advocate general's position that the paperss belong to the IDF, and ordered the safe be broken into to obtain them.

The IDF said the documents revealed Barazani's order that Harpaz be returned to duty for a few days, after which he would retire with his pension and the previous years would be considered unpaid leave.