IDF Deploys Tanks Near Egypt Border, in Violation of Peace Treaty

Following Monday morning's cross-border attack, army deploys tanks to site of incident; according to Camp David Accords, both sides obligated to keep area demilitarized.

In an unusual move, the Israel Defense Forces deployed two tanks to a site near the Egyptian border on Monday morning, following a cross-border attack in which one Israeli was killed.

Deployment of tanks to the area is prohibited according to Israel's peace agreements with Egypt. According to the Camp David Accords, the area is to remain demilitarized, with Israel prohibited from deploying tanks, artillery or anti-tank missiles.

The tanks were deployed after assailants launched an attack along the border. Following the incident, the tanks were withdrawn from the area.

The IDF emphasized that it had no plans to deploy additional tanks to the area, noting that the tanks were sent as a result of the unusual incident.

According to an initial investigation, three terrorists managed to penetrate the fence along the Gaza-Sinai border on Monday morning. The attackers then placed an explosive device and waited for Israeli vehicles to pass.

When a vehicle arrived, the attackers detonated the device and opened fire. The IDF's Golani Brigade later arrived on the scene and began to exchange fire with the terrorists, killing at least two of them.

The attack followed several days of intelligence warnings.

Security in the Sinai Peninsula has deteriorated significantly since the fall of former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.

In August of 2011, Egypt deployed thousands of troops along with tanks to the Sinai, in an attempt to re-establish security in the region. The move was coordinated with Israel.

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Israeli tanks near the Egyptian border, June 18, 2012.
Eliyahu Hershkovitz