IDF Clips of Gaza Offensive Are Fourth Biggest Hit on YouTube

IDF says more than 30,000 clips have been viewed thus far, including videos of Gaza air strikes.

Israel Defense Forces video clips documenting the war in Gaza and showing preparations for combat were the fourth most-popular videos on the video-sharing Web site YouTube as of last week, and some have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, the IDF reported Sunday.

The IDF, which has also been showing the clips as free videos on demand on cable television, began making them public over the weekend, and said Sunday that more than 30,000 clips have been viewed thus far.

Some of the short videos, which last between several seconds and several minutes, show Israeli air strikes on Gaza, while others show humanitarian food-distribution missions, Home Front Command instructions and units preparing for combat.

The army plans to expand the video content in the coming days, the IDF said.

IDF videos on YouTube:

  • Mortar Bombs Shot from UN School in Gaza 29 Oct. 2007
  • Interviews with IDF Ground Forces 3 Jan. 2009
  • Weapons in Gaza Mosque Struck by Israel Air Force 1 Jan. 2009
  • Israeli Air Force Strikes Rockets in Transit 28 Dec. 2008
  • Israel Admits Child for Medical Care 31 Dec. 2008