ID-less Northwest TA Neighborhoods Named, Others in City Get New Monikers

The northwest section of Tel Aviv known simply as Hagush Hagadol, or "the large bloc," will be split into three neighborhoods which will be called Nofei Yam, Tzukei Aviv and Glilot, the municipal committee responsible for naming decided yesterday.

The three new neighborhoods are among eight that the committee decided will be renamed, said the committee chairwoman, Haviva Avi-Gai.

"Something happened in Tel Aviv," said Avi-Gai. "The municipal names committee decided that the municipality, and only the municipality, will bestow names on the neighborhoods. So far, the municipality has not named any neighborhoods, and many of them are referred to by the names the contractors and developers gave them."

At the next meeting, committee members will decide which of a total of 66 newly mapped neighborhoods will retain their names, which ones will be given names or renamed immediately (generally neighborhoods that are sparsely populated or have yet to be built ), and which ones will have their names changed in the future, in consultation with the residents.

All the names - including the new one for Ramat Aviv Hahadasha, which is going by the rather derivative Hebrew equivalent of "the new Ramat Aviv" and will be among those renamed in consultation with the residents - have to be approved by the city council.

The other neighborhoods that the committee has already decided to rename are Tzamarot (high-rises near Hahalakha Street ), the high-rise area near Sharona, the wholesale market area (where a neighborhood is planned ) and the Abu Kabir Zoological Garden area (which includes a school and groves in addition to the zoological garden ).

"The eight neighborhoods that were decided about yesterday are neighborhoods where it will be easy to begin the change," said Avi-Gai.

She also listed several areas whose names will not change, including Yad Eliyahu, Neveh Tzedek, Florentin, Hatikvah and Kerem Hateimanim.

Some small neighborhoods will likely be combined and receive a single name, either one of the existing names or a third one that has yet to be chosen, she said.