Iceland's One-man BDS Campaign

Steinarr Lar, owner of KuKu Campers, refuses to rent to Israelis; cites Gaza 'genocide,' but there's a backstory.

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For those who contend that anti-Israelism is the new anti-Semitism, Iceland's Steinarr Lar could serve as Exhibit A.

The Reykjavik Grapevine reports that Lar, owner of KuKu Campers, Iceland's largest campervan rental company, has been refusing to rent to Israelis since Operation Protective Edge started.

There is a genocide taking place and the international community is looking the other way, said Lar. All I am doing is denying service to people who come from there and applying pressure to push their government to behave in a different way.

It turns out, though, that last year, KuKu, which charges a high, medium or low rate depending on the season, dubbed its low-rate season "Jew Season" on its website. The company got complaints, so it dropped the name, saying, "The Jewish reference is gone, we are sorry for being dickheads."

Lar said at the time it was an innocent mistake, that the web designer had meant to call low-rate season "Juicy Season," but his English was faulty. It could not be determined if this was an example of Icelandic humor.