How Long You Need to Work for Shampoo

Dove shampoo costs 40% more in Israel than in New York and 22% more than in Britain. The price gaps become all the more startling once wage differences are taken into account.

The Dove brand was launched in Israel in 2001. By 2006, Unilever had relaunched the product four times in an attempt to increase its share of the Israeli shampoo market, worth NIS 250 million a year.

The Israeli shampoo market is competitive and includes dozens of different products. Israeli consumers are not faithful to any one brand and even buy more than one brand at the same time.

Shampoo is usually sold in large bottles, 700 milliliters or more, while European consumers prefer smaller packages of 200 milliliters.

You might have thought that these conditions would translate into lower shampoo prices here than in Europe, but the facts prove otherwise.

Unilever said: "The price of Dove shampoo for normal hair/700 milliliters is the result of production, importing and customs costs. According to Nielsen, the average price to the consumer in the past year is significantly lower than stated in the story: NIS 21.30. In any case, the final price of our products is not set by us but by the retailers."